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Choose from the Compte-Service best suited to your needs

The easy way to manage your money on an everyday basis

Life is always full of plansjects and pro– as well as constraints and unforeseen events with which one has to cope... These often call for financial solutions.

Offering a wide range of simple, practical services, the Crédit Agricole Compte-Service provides the flexibility and security you require to manage your budget effectively, and at a reasonable flat rate.
In addition, the Compte-Service includes such exclusive advantages as the crediting of your account the same day cheques you have deposited are processed, as well as a help line.

Crédit Agricole is committed to maintaining a trustworthy relationship with you, as confirmed by your Compte-Service contract. You will know exactly where you stand!

* Further information

The overdraft facility prime rate for Compte-Service accounts is lower than the standard one in the general terms applicable to individual banking transactions by private customers. The former is set by your advisor when you open your Compte Service. It is indexed on the usury rate, and therefore varies each quarter.

Example of overdraft charges: for a 200 euro overdraft for 15 consecutive days, the total effective monthly rate was 1.295%, (or an annual rate 16.69%) on 01/01/2007. Total cost: 1.27 euros. These figures are subject to the exact terms under which overdrafts are allowed when the account is opened.

”Sécuricompte”... a feature providing insurance against loss or theft of identity papers, chequebooks, and bank cards. Coverage is limited to the amount stated in the group insurance contract taken out by the CAMCA (Caisse d’Assurances Mutuelles du Crédit Agricole), a mutual insurance company with variable annuities subject to the Insurance Code, and located at 65 rue de la Boétie, 75008 PARIS, whose SIRET, or official business reference number, is 784 338 527 000 46.

Compte-Service Assistance... an insurance contract with PACIFICA (a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole S.A.), a company subject to the Insurance Code listed on the Paris Trade Register under the number 352 358 865, with a paid-in capital of 136,363,050 euros, and whose head office is located at 91-93 boulevard Pasteur 75015 PARIS.

émo-Service... a service provided as the result of an agreement between Crédit Agricole and SOS-MD, a company specialised in data storage services, with a capital of 180,000 euros listed on the Paris Trade Register under the number 339 753 717, and whose head office is located at 36 rue de Constantinople, 75008 PARIS.

Crédit Agricole online with the “Kiosque” and “Confort” options... To access your account(s):
- via the Internet: free of charge, only the connection costs are due by the customer.
- by telephone: entailing a service charge for one call per day (the cost of the phone call itself is extra), whatever the number of calls you actually make. The price is stated in the bank’s General Terms, available at your branch.
- By Minitel: 0.02 euros per connection + 0.21 euros per minute.
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